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In order to meet the needs of customers fast delivery, in particular the establishment of a rapid prototype production line :1-2 layer fastest 12 hours to ship,4-8layer fastest 24 hours to ship ...
Partner with us and you will surely be satisfied with our onestop PCB services. Our 100 percent satisfaction rate covers designing, prototyping and volume production.

. HDI type: 1+N+1, 2+N+2
. 2- to 24-layer PCBs
. 3.5mil minimum line trace and space
. 0.1mm minimum hole size
. ENIG, HASL and LF-HAL and OSP, as well as immersion gold, nickel, tin, silver, hard gold and other surface reatments
.High-Tg 150, 170 and 180, as well as FR-4, optional high-frequency RF, Taconic and so on.
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